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Root Grapples

Whether you are building debris piles or working on storm clean-up we have the root grapple for you. American Attachments offers an economy series and heavy duty root grapple.

Our economy series offers a 2″ bore by 8″ stroke tie rod cylinder, 3/8″ tines with 9″ spacing, 3″ x 3″ x 1/4″ tube framing and cylinder covers.

The heavy duty root grapple offers 1/2″ top and bottom tines, 2″ bore by 10″ stroke welded cylinder, grease fittings at all pivots, cylinder covers and the hydraulic lines are routed inside tubing for added protection.

Our super duty grapple is built even heavier – and is rated for machines with horsepower ranges from 66 hp and up.

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