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Brush Cutter

These brush cutters are the ideal tool for your land management needs. We offer a standard duty, heavy duty and super duty brush cutter to cover your land management needs.

Our standard duty brush cutter offers a 3″ cutting capacity, 3/16″ deck, 40 hp right angle gear box, 2 blades with stump jumper, no case drain is required.

Our heavy duty brush cutter offers a 4″ cutting capacity, 3/16″ deck, RC 100 right angle gear box, fabricated blade carrier with 2- 5/8″ AR400 blades, no case drain is required.

A standard flow of 14-20 gpm is required for both standard and heavy duty brush cutters.

Our super duty brush cutter offers a 1/2″ double clover leaf blade holder with 3-5/8″ thick blades made from AR400 steel, a 1/4″ deck, and 3/4″ parker hoses. A flow of 16-26 gpm is needed.

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