snow plow

Snow Plows.

American Attachments offers two versions of our snow plows (both are listed on this page). If you need to clear drive ways and parking lots this winter then our plows can make it easy for you. Designed to push high volume low weight materials our plows will do the job at a price that is less than our competitors. If our snow plow is not the piece of snow removal equipment you are looking for please take a look at our Snow Pushers.


Heavy Duty Snow Plow Specs.

  • Adjust the plow from inside the cab.
  • 3” x 6” hydraulic cylinder.
  • ½” bolt on cutting edge.
  • Adjustable skid shoe.
  • Angles 30 degrees.

For machines above 45 hp.

Heavy Duty Snow Plow Sizes and Prices.

  • 72″ -$2,298.00.
  • 84″ -$2,382.00.
  • 96″ -$2,469.00.
  • 108″ -$2,596.00.
  • 120″ -$2,767.00.

Compact Tractor Snow Plow Specs.

  • Designed for compact tractors.
  • 2” x 6” hydraulic cylinder.
  • ½” AR400 bolt on cutting edge.
  • Angles 30 degrees both way.
  • Available Sizes: 60″, 72”, 84″.

For machines below 45 hp.

Compact Snow Plow Sizes and Pricing.

  • 72 ” – $1,830

Pictures are of Heavy Duty version.

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