Super Duty Brush Cutter

Super Duty Brush Cutter.    

American Attachments super duty brush cutter is the heaviest of all our brush cutters. A 1/4″ thick steel deck. With three blades made of AR400 steel, this super duty brush cutter is made to tackle the toughest of jobs.  Our super duty brush cutter also features 3/4″ Parker hoses and requires a flow of 16-26 GPM.

If you are looking to tackle lighter jobs please take a look at our Heavy Duty Brush Cutter, built with a lighter deck, two blades made of AR400 steel on a fabricated blade carrier and does not require a case drain.  A flow of 14-20 is required for the heavy duty brush cutter, or take a look at our Standard Duty Brush Cutter.  Also built with a 3/16″ deck this cutter is built more for mowing.  A standard flow of 14-20 gpm is required and this cutter does not require a  case drain.  Our Standard Duty offers a 40 HP gear box and a stump jumper with bush hog blades and is perfect for your mowing needs.        


Super Duty Brush Cutter Specs.

  • 6″ Cutting capacity.
  • 16-26 GPM.
  • 1/4″ Deck.
  • 3 – 5/8″ Thick blades made of AR400 steel.
  • 3/4″ Parker hoses.
  • No Case drain required.
  • 100 HP Gear Box

Super Duty Brush Cutter Sizes.

  • 60″ – $4,978.00
  • 72″ – $5,319.00